Services aims to provide all of the services Ultimate leagues need to operate their Zuluru-based web sites. Services are available packaged or on an a-la-carte basis.

Web Hosting

We have a dedicated server at a major hosting provider that specializes in the dedicated hosting business. The server has redundant connections to the Internet, backup power generators, and all the other buzzwords required to ensure that any site hosted with us enjoys maximum uptime.

Zuluru Administration

As the author of Zuluru, we are uniquely qualified to maintain your site. We have also been providing this service on a volunteer basis for the Toronto Ultimate Club since 2006, so we are accustomed to dealing with the typical day-to-day questions of your users. Queries are typically handled in less than a day, often within minutes, 7 days a week. Think of us as a help desk for your members and administrators alike.

Email Hosting

If desired, we are set up to handle your email, with spam and virus checking. Access to your email accounts can be through POP, IMAP or webmail. Auto-reply addresses, catch-all addresses, vacation notices, forwarding to third-party addresses and mailing lists are all supported.

Domain Registration and DNS

If you are looking for a complete turnkey package with single-sourced billing, we can also take care of registering and renewing your domain and the associated DNS services. Registration is in the name of your organization, so you retain possession of your trademarks.

Zuluru Customization, Site Design and Integration

No two sites are the same, and we're capable of providing you with any customizations you want made in the way Zuluru looks, performing a makeover of your existing site or a complete design for new sites, or integrating Zuluru with your existing CMS or BBS software. For examples of our past work in this area, please contact us.

Database Conversion

If you're an organization with an existing database, we can convert this into Zuluru so that you don't lose any of that valuable historical information. In particular, we have experience in converting Leaguerunner databases.